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Streamline your accounts receivable

Effortlessly manage your invoicing process from start to finish with Modern Receivable. Say goodbye to late payments and hello to a streamlined AR process that ensures you get paid on time, every time.

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Getting paid for the service you deliver is a key underlying aspect of every business regardless of industry.

In general, there are several solutions out there to help with first mile of the accounts receivable process (issuing the original invoice).

However, the last mile of accounts receivable, ensuring you’re paid on time by a client, is completely broken.

It’s extremely difficult to manage Accounts Receivable (AR) well.

Invoices are generally net 30, and yet ‘Good’ is defined as having an AR average of 45 days. Most businesses don’t achieve that, and for good reason.


Your customers have turnover, and there might be someone new managing invoices.

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Your customer may be handling paying their bills in spreadsheets and things get missed.

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Or they simply might not be paying their bills unless they’re reminded.

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