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Use Modern Receivable to create a new stream of revenue

If you’re managing finances and books for clients, it makes sense that you’d also take on invoicing and accounts receivable. You have all of the information you need to handle invoicing—but the level of manual effort required may prevent you from taking on this responsibility.

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Are these manual tasks preventing you from managing client finances?

High volume of invoices

Creating custom invoices

Follow-up communications

Managing payment deadlines

How Modern Receivable can help

Modern Receivable is the invoice management tool accounting firms have been missing. We've built our platform to support key features that enable streamlined, efficient client invoice management.


  • The functionality within MR makes it easy for your team to create sub-accounts that are client-specific, streamlining the management process and reducing risk of error.

  • You have the ability to white-label all templates and payment pages to match your clients’ brand guidelines.

  • Communications and timing can be automated through the use of predetermined cadences or you can modify them given your clients’ needs.

  • Payment links are available within the communications and customers pay directly through the Modern Receivable platform.

  • Detailed dashboards for each client allow you to quickly analyze performance and provide status reports to your clients for invoicing and payments.

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